UV Protection Safety Glasses KS102 Green


  • Heavy Duty Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Green PC Lens
  • Flexible & Soft PC Legs


1. Frame: Heavy Duty Polycarbonate (PC)
2. Lens: Green PC Lens
3. Legs: Length Adjustable PC Legs
4. Standard: CE EN 166:2001 Approved by Europe CCQS Lab (NB:2834)

GB14866:2006 Approved by Shanghai Security & Labor Protection Lab

5. Application : Construction, Grinding, Metal Cutting, Painting, Workshop, Laboratory, Shooting, Cycling etc

User Instruction:

1.) Recommend to Use: Eye protection workplaces, such as Construction, Grinding, Metal Cutting, Painting, Workshop, Laboratory, Shooting, Cycling, etc

2.) Standard & Quality: The protective eyewear meets EN166-2001 standards for Personal Eye protection. These products are classed as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by the European PPE new regulation (EU) 2016/425. It also meets ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 USA standard.

3.) Using This Eyewear: This eyewear offers protection against describes what risks it protects against. These spectacles are fitted with filtering lenses that protect against sun-glare and provide impact protection against high-speed particles at low energy and the goggle provides protection from liquid droplets.

4.) Warning: Check the eyewear regularly for noticeable scratching, pitting, or any other damage to the lens, scratching, pitting, or other damage to the lens can seriously reduce the level of impact protection provided by the product.

5.) General: Whereas the material used in the construction of this product is safe parts that may come into contact with the wearer’s skin could cause allergic reactions by susceptible people. The user should check for any such reaction and cease the use of the product if any reaction is observed.

6.) Lifespan: Maximum product use life is 2 years. If any parts are broken during use, please don’t use it anymore and change a new glasses asap, to avoid any danger to your health.

7.) Storage: Eyewear should be stored at room temperature and away from solvents, or solvent vapors, or any corrosive materials, as these may seriously reduce the impact protection provided by the eyewear.

8.) Cleaning: This eyewear can be cleaned and disinfected with soap and warm water. It is recommended that wiping of the lens be kept to a minimum and only done so with a soft nonabrasive cloth.

UV Protection Safety Glasses KS102 Green