Different workplaces need different sole safety shoes

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Generally speaking, there are five different sole materials for safety shoes, including PU/PU, PU/TPU, PU/Rubber, Rubber, EVA/rubber, etc. According to our sales record, 80% of the safety shoes are made of the above five materials. Whether you are a manufacturer, a seller, or an end-user, you need to choose the right safety shoes with the most suitable soles. It mainly depends on your budget and workplace.

If you are a construction worker, we recommend PU/PU sole safety shoes. The price is not very high, and the quality is good. Besides, it is lighter than rubber sole safety shoes. If you are a logistics worker, we also recommend PU/PU sole safety shoes. As we know, logistic workers need to stand and walk for a long time, so lightweight shoes are crucial for your knees and feet. Economical prices are also quite a factor.

If you work in the food industry, we recommend rubber sole or PU/rubber sole safety shoes. The key reason is that there is a lot of oil and water on the work ground. The rubber material is the best solution to avoid slippery from falling danger. If you are a garden or landscape worker, we recommend PU/PU sole and PU/rubber sole safety shoes. Both soles are suitable for you. Meanwhile, you also need to consider water or rainwater, so choosing waterproof leather for the upper is a better choice.

If you work in the chemical industry, we recommend using rubber sole or PU/rubber sole safety shoes. From the point of view of acid and alkali resistance, PU material is not strong enough, and rubber is the best choice. About our new design M-8025NBK safety shoes, the upper is made of genuine full-grain cow leather, and the sole is made in PU/rubber. We recommend using the shoes in the following workplaces: construction, logistics, garden or landscape, chemical industry, etc.