Compact Foldable Earmuffs E-2025C


  • High-Density ABS Material
  • Heavy Duty ABS Material
  • Sound Absorbing Foamed Sponge
  • Easy Slide Cup Adjustment
  • Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow etc


1. Shell: High Density ABS Material
2. Head Band: Heavy Duty ABS Material
3. Sponge: Sound Absorbing Foamed Sponge
4. Design: Easy Slide Cup Adjustment
5. Color Available: Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow etc
6. Sound Proof: NRR 23dB, SNR 26dB
7. Application: Construction, Road & Building Workers, Forest & Wood Workers, Mining, Mechanics, Factory Workshop, Shotting, Carpenter, etc.

Users Instruction:


⚫  Move your hair out of the way to get a good seal between the ear muff cushions and your head. Remove earrings if they interfere with the seal of the cushion against your head.

⚫ Press the cups inward until they snap in around the ears. Then center the ear cups over both ears.

⚫ Slide the ear cups up or down to find the position where the ear cups completely cover your ears. When properly installed and adjusted, the cups should not touch the headgear shell or visor surround.

⚫ Check the fit by talking out loud. Your voice should sound hollow like you are talking in a barrel. The noises around you should not sound as loud as they did before you put the muffs on.


⚫ The ear-muffs are fitted, adjusted, and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

⚫ The ear-muffs are worn at all times in noisy surroundings

⚫ the ear-muffs are regularly inspected for serviceability


The Safety Earmuff can be expected to remain in service for 3 years or more when it is not damaged during use.


Clean the earmuff with mild soap and lukewarm water. Do not use paints, solvents, chemicals, adhesives, gasoline or like substances on this earmuff. The impact resistance and other protective properties of the earmuff may be destroyed by such substances. The loss of these protective properties may not be apparent or readily detectable by the user. After each use, disinfection should be done, and the use of agents that are not known to be harmful to the earmuff.


Store the earmuff in a cool, dry and clean place out of direct sunlight. Avoid areas where heat, moisture, light, oil, or their vapours or other degrading elements may be present.

Compact Foldable Earmuffs E-2025C