Chemical Worker Full Face Respirator GM8200


  • Comfortable Silica Gel
  • Anti-Fog Wide View PC
  • Replaceable Carbon Filter
  • Adjustable Elastic HeadBand
  • Full Face Respirator Desig


1. Mask Holder: Comfortable Liquid Silica Gel
2. Face Protector: Anti-Fog Wide View PC
3. Filter: Replaceable Carbon Filter
4. Band: Adjustable Elastic HeadBand
5. Shape: Full Face Respirator Design
6. Standard: GB2890-2009
7. Application: Application: Chemical, Construction, Road & Building Workers, Woodworking, Mining,  Casting, Grinding, Food & Cleaning Industry, Electronics, Most Dust Generated Workplaces, etc

Users Instruction:


⚫  This respirator is a double filtering device. Please assemble two filters before wearing them.

⚫  Loosen the elastic straps. Place the cradle suspension over the crown of your head.

⚫  Grasp the front of the facepiece and position the face piece over your mouth and nose, then grasp the bottom elastic headband straps and buckle them behind the neck.

⚫  Pull the top straps and the bottom straps uniformly until the respirator fits securely and comfortably against your face. If necessary, readjust the straps.


⚫ This respirator does not supply oxygen. Please do not use in atmospheres containing less than 18% oxygen.

⚫ Do not use this respirator in oxygen enriched air. It becomes hazardous when the concentration increases. There is no sharp limit even a few percent more increases the hazard. Fires in oxygen-enriched atmospheres start easily with electrostatic sparks and are very intense.

⚫ Do not use this filter in an explosive atmosphere.

⚫ Do not use when concentrations of contaminants are immediately dangerous to life and health, or unknown contaminants;

⚫ Do not abuse or misuse this respirator.

⚫ Beards/moustaches at the sealing area of the mask can cause leaks. Therefore it is unlikely that the requirements for leakage will be achieved if this facial hair passes under the face seal. Always make sure the respirator forms a tight seal and the cartridges and/or filters are attached prior to entering a hazardous atmosphere.


The Respirator can be expected to remain in service for 3 years or more when it is in well-stored condition.


⚫Cleaning is recommended after use; Remove the cartridges or filters before cleaning.

⚫Clean the face piece (excluding cartridges and filters), with medical grade alcohol, and let dry at room temperature.


The cleaned respirator should be stored away in its original packaging or in a container box from contaminated areas when not in use. Always remember to store away from direct daylight or any source of heat.

Additional information

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 10 cm

Black, Gold

Chemical Worker Full Face Respirator GM8200