Bump Caps


  • Removable & Comfortable ABS+EVA
  • The Ergonomically Shaped Hard Shell
  • Fastening And Soft Foam Insert Cushions
  • Velcro Closure
  • Black, Blue, Orange, Red, etc


1. Inner Shell: Removable & Comfortable ABS+EVA
2. Shape: The Ergonomically Shaped Hard Shell
3. Head Hoop: Fastening And Soft Foam Insert Cushions
4. Band: Velcro Closure
5. Color Available: Black, Blue, Orange, Red, etc
6. Application: It is ideal for indoor or outdoor workers in areas that have low head clearance, DIY at home or some work that doesn’t require a formal safety helmet in the meantime protects from minor bumps and scalp lacerations.
7. Standard: CE EN812:1998

User Instructions:


This helmet is designed to provide limited head protection by reducing the force of small falling objects striking or penetrating the top of the shell. It was not designed to provide front, side, or rear impact or penetration protection, while it may protect against light bumps in these areas.

Avoid contact of these devices with electrical wires, very low temperatures (-20 ℃ or -30 ℃ and very high temperatures (+150℃)


Always do a visual inspection of the helmets immediately before use to ensure that it is in a serviceable condition and operates correctly. The helmet should have no sharp, burr, damaged, missing parts, cracks, nicks, or breaks. To ensure the safety of users, the device should be regularly periodic examinations per month by a competent person strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s periodic examination procedure for continued efficiency and durability of the device.


The helmet can be expected to remain in service for 5 years or more when it is not damaged during use.


Clean the helmet with mild soap and lukewarm water. Do not use paints, solvents, chemicals, adhesives, gasoline, or like substances on this helmet. The impact resistance and other protective properties of the helmet may be destroyed by such substances. The loss of these protective properties may not be apparent or readily detectable by the user. After each use, disinfection should be done, and the use of agents that are not known to be harmful


Store the helmet in a cool, dry, and clean place out of direct sunlight. Avoid areas where heat, moisture, light, oil, vapors, or other degrading elements may be present.

Additional information

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 10 cm

Black, Gold

Bump Caps