1-Order Placement

The sales team receives customer orders. Customers will send purchase requests through purchase orders to us. The purchase order includes the product’s name, the quantity required, the price, a purchase order number, delivery schedule. It will be sent to us either electronically or in hard copy.


2-Order Receipt

Once our sales team receives the purchase order, they will then issue a sales order to the customer to confirm the customer’s address, payment method, how many units the customer wants, and how much the order will cost after confirming the purchase order details. If it is a cash transaction, the accounts team, having received the purchase and sales orders from the sales team, will issue an invoice to the customer for payment before the steel drums are delivered. If it is a credit transaction, the accounts team will send the invoice to the customer stating the payment due date after the steel drums have been delivered per the due date.


3-Order Picking

This is when the products listed on the sales order are retrieved from their locations in the warehouse. The sales team will communicate to the warehouse team what the order is by submitting the approved sales order and evidence of customer payment where required. The team will ensure that the right product is picked to avoid costly errors and the rest of the process run smoothly. After picking, the items will be sent to the packaging area for packaging.


4-Order Packing

Our warehouse team will proceed to package all the items ordered into an appropriate container before we transport them to the customer who made the order. The kind of packaging we will use will ensure the maximum safety of the cargo to prevent damage or loss. A packing list detailing the type, quantity, and weight/volume of the products will be issued to cover the cargo.


5-Order Shipping

Once the order is safely packaged, we will choose the safest means of transport or vehicle type to transport the order safely, promptly, and cost-efficiently to avoid any damage or loss. The customer opts to transport their cargo. This option will be granted, except that the customer will have to sign the waybill immediately after loading the cargo onto their vehicle to confirm receipt of the cargo.


6-Order Delivery

The delivery is done by the distribution team, having received the related documents from both the sales and accounts teams to advise them on the scope of the transaction, including delivery location, date of delivery, and preferred method of delivery. A waybill will be issued to cover the cargo delivery. The customer will be required to sign the waybill confirming receipt of the order and stating any concerns he may have on the waybill for remedial action.